About Us

Captain Charles Currey, CBE, RN, established his company in 1946 by redesigning the Royal Navy knife and making it in stainless steel so that it would not corrode. It therefore became more suitable for use by dinghy sailors and yachtsmen alike. As part of this redesign, Captain Currey invented the famous 'Lockspike' action and the patented 'Shackle Opening Slot.' Today the company continues to make the world famous Currey Lockspike knives, Rigging Tools and safety harness buckles

The company weaves its own cotton and woollen cloth, which makes into technical clothing for marine and country use. The well-known Breton Red Canvas trouser is renowned worldwide. Our tweed, woolen and cotton cloth is sold to the leading businesses for use in their fields, as well as made into garments by us for supply to leading shops involved in outdoor pursuits.

Captain Currey products are sold on a worldwide basis via our website, distributors and retail shops.

Paul Elvestrom, Charles Currey and Rickard Sarby receiving their Olympic medals Helsinki 1952.

Charles Currey sailing a Olympic Fairey Firefly dinghy off Calshot January 1948.

Bobbie Currey aboard Captain Currey's 12 sq meter Sharpie " Stormcock " in 1935 trying out the first dinghy trapeze for the first time.

Charles Currey driving Fairey Huntsman 28 in 1967 Daily Express Cowes - Torquay Powerboat Race.